About the Columbus Division of Police

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Our Leadership, Mission, and History

Looking to inquire more regarding the directives and mission statement of the Columbus Division of Police? Or perhaps, would like to know more about the history of our Division?

Contact and Phone Number Lookup
In search of contact information for a specific area within the Columbus Division of Police? Retrieve personnel titles and phone numbers defined by internal bureaus and subdivisions.

Division Directives
Our Division Directives serve as a standard of conduct for all personnel. It consists of the rules, policies, and procedures which are necessary for the Division of Police.

Annual Reports
Each year an annual report is created highlighting the year in review which includes division statistical information, precinct maps, organizational charts and presented awards.

Subdivisions, Bureaus, Sections, and Units
Learn more about a few selected Subdivisions, Bureaus, Sections and Units within our Division of Police, including the Forensics Services Bureau, Homicide Case Review Unit and the Counter-Terrorism Unit.

Zones and Precinct Maps
The City of Columbus covers 226 square miles and extends into Delaware and Fairfield counties. The City
is divided into 6 Patrol Zones and further broken down into 20 precincts.

The Division has 20 substations located throughout the City. Each substation caters to the precincts in which they each reside in, and are a neighborhood resource for those looking to complete a police report.

Frequently Asked Questions
We've linked to some topics and questions that are commonly asked of the Division of Police by citizens of Columbus for your convenience. Topics range from background checks to missing persons.

Additional Helpful Links
Let us assist you in finding the information you are looking for. We've linked to several helpful sites such as City of Columbus Municipal Codes, the Franklin County Municipal Court and more.