Find a Police Service

Accident (Crash) Reports
All Columbus Division of Police electronic accident (crash) reports are submitted to the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS). You may obtain copies of these crash reports via the ODPS website.

Fingerprinting Services
Electronic Fingerprinting is now required by the State of Ohio in most cases. The Columbus Division of Police utilizes the National WebCheck Service to achieve this requirement.

Public Records Requests
Need to make a records request? No problem. You may request this information about an incident by completing our "Public Records Request." Additionally, you can also view our records retention schedule.

Special Events
Several permits issued within the City of Columbus require the approval of our Special Events Office. Additionally, our Special Events Office also can assist with special duty officers.

Impound Lot
Has your vehicle recently been impounded by the City? Contact our Division of Mobility Options Parking Violations Bureau at 2700 Impound Lot Road on the south side of Columbus.

Police Auctions & Events
In an effort to reduce the number of items stored in the Police Property Room and Impound Lot, the Division of Police periodically holds auctions to dispose of recovered and unclaimed property.

Property Room Power of Attorney(PDF, 1MB)
Persons who have a valid Power of Attorney to obtain property from the Property Room shall begin the process in one of three ways, in person, via email or via mail.

Ohio Department of Public Safety Publications
Did you know that the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) can supply local agencies with safety publications via download or mail? Visit the ODPS site to view the publications available to you.