Columbus Police Human Resources

Support Operations

The Columbus Division of Police offers many different civilian roles specific to support operations. A few examples are Property Clerks, Security Specialists, Impounding Inspectors, Records Managers, Analysts, Administrative Assistants and Laborers. - learn more

Technical Careers

The Division of Police is always in search of technical expertise. Some examples of technical roles within the Division include Criminal Intelligence Analysts, Communications Technicians, Forensic Scientists, Latent Print Examiners and Evidence Technicians. - learn more

Professional Careers

Searching for a career in Human Resources, Fiscal Operations or Public Relations? The Division of Police provides roles as HR Representatives, Payroll Clerks, Purchasing Expediters, Fiscal Assistants, Management Analysts and Relations Specialists as examples. - learn more


We offer internships in a variety of departments to college students or students attending an accredited university. We work with all majors and will attempt to accommodate areas of interest. - learn more


Some of our benefits include, but are not limited to Health Insurance, Prescription Drugs, Vision Care and Dental Plan, Life Insurance, Paid Holidays, Paid Sick Leave, Annual Service Credit Paid Vacation Leave and Credit Union. - learn more

City-Wide Benefits and Extras

As a City of Columbus Employee you will have access to many benefits. Some examples include the Healthy Columbus Program, Fitness Centers, Professional/Career Training, Health/Benefit Fairs,  Personal Development Classes, the Employee Assistance Program and The City of Columbus Employees Association. - learn more

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