Cost of Filling a Swimming Pool

Swimming Pools

Most customers fill their pools using a garden hose attached to their outside faucet. Since no billing adjustments are available for filling a pool, we receive many inquiries each summer from customers who want to know how much it will cost. Check the chart(PDF, 156KB) showing the approximate water and sewer costs to fill different sizes of pools.

To use the chart, find the pool size or volume that best describes yours and then find the appropriate rate column for your community. The approximate cost to fill your pool is indicated where the pool size and rate columns intersect. The charges shown will be in addition to your regular quarterly water and sewer* bill.

If you have any questions about the chart or need help in finding out which rate column to use, call 614-645-8276 (Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.).

Meter Outdoor Water Use, Reduce Sewer Charges
Learn more about Auxiliary Metering Systems

*Sewer charges are based on water meter readings and assume that all water used is discharged into the sewerage system. If you have an exceptionally large pool and/or an underground sprinkler system, you may wish to install an auxiliary meter(PDF, 545KB) to deduct sewer charges on outside water usage. An auxiliary meter must be purchased, installed and approved by the Sewer Division. Also, a backflow prevention system must be installed and regularly inspected