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Stream Corridor Protection Zones

A Stream Corridor Protection Zone consists of the stream and the riparian area along streams. Its purpose is to allow the natural, lateral movement of open water courses, provide sufficient area for flood conveyance, protect water quality and prevent structures from being impacted by natural streambank erosion.  Language preventing property owners from constructing facilities and performing activities that are prohibited within the Stream Corridor Protection Zone, as described in the table below, may be shown on development plats or reflected on deeds for properties adjacent to the Stream Corridor Protection Zone. Lands designated as a Stream Corridor Protection Zone may also be owned the City of Columbus or placed in preservation easements.

Permitted Activities     Prohibited Activities and Facilities
Hiking     Mowing
Fishing     Herbicides/pesticides
Picnicking     Removal of native trees /vegetation
Maintenance activities by     Excavating
  City personnel    Filling
      Buildings and structures

Stream Corridor Protection Zones are required along streams by the City’s Stormwater Drainage Manual and are established when property is newly developed or redeveloped.  The Stormwater Drainage Manual is adopted as a rule of the Director of Public Utilities pursuant to the authority provided in Columbus City Code 1145.11, 1145.71 and 1149.04. See the City’s Stormwater Drainage Manual at: for more information.