Board of Commission Appeals

The Board of Commission Appeals was established by Ordinance # 1516-89 in 1989. The Board of Commission Appeals consists of five (5) mayoral appointees who serve without compensation. It is the duty of the Board to hear and decide appeals from any of the five (5) City of Columbus architectural review commission's denial of an application of a certificate of appropriateness for proposed construction, alteration, or demolition of a structure, appurtenance or architectural feature of a property located in a historic district or individually listed in the Columbus Register of Historic Properties. For more information please review the following link to code section 3118.

Meetings and Calendar

Regular meetings are held as needed at the City of Columbus, 111 N. Front St., 2nd Floor in room 204 (Hearing Room) at 1:00 p.m.

Please note: Meeting dates and locations are subject to change or cancellation. You are encouraged to contact the Historic Preservation Office for confirmation.


James A. Goodman, M.S., Historic Preservation Officer