Historic Preservation & Development Review: Boards & Commissions

The Planning Division serves as staff to 11 separate Boards, Commissions, and Panels. To identify if a property is within a board or commission area use this map and search the address. For the advisory panels, contact either planninginfo@columbus.gov or zoninginfo@columbus.gov. See the list of Boards, Commissions, and Panels below.

Property owners and developers that are making changes to property within these areas may be required to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness or Certificate of Approval (COA). Changes that may require review by a board, commission or panel include all exterior changes, change of use, signs/graphics, landscaping, demolition, new construction, and/or lot combinations. 

The links to individual boards, commissions, and panels will provide detailed information regarding meeting schedules, agenda, minutes, application materials, contact information, etc.