Wellness on the Go

wellness on the go logoWe bring our wellness programming to you (virtually)!
Please click on the link below to request the Wellness on the Go services listed below. All requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to event.

Stretching/Physical Activity Demos
Do you think your employees need an active afternoon 'pick me up' or warm up exercises before starting their shifts, but don't know what to do? A fitness professional can provide workshops on several fitness topics including: exercises at your desk, reducing lower back pain, improving core strength, strength training at home, and so on. Presentation style with exercise demos and handouts can be provided. Please indicate on the form what topics are most relevant to your work population.

Lunch & Learn
A Registered Dietitian can come to your location to educate your staff on a nutritional topic relevant to your work culture and/or needs. Help us learn more about what your workers in the Wellness on the Go form and share as much as possible with what kind of nutritional topic you may be interested in. Healthy food/snacks and recipes can be provided.

Information on Gym, Studio, and Race Discounts
We have many gym, studio, and race discounts available for City employees! The Exercise Physiologist can help your employees navigate physical activity options for you and/or your family. Employees also have access to the 'employee only' Front Street Fitness facility located downtown. The Exercise Physiologist can provide information on how to join, where to park, and so on. Take advantage of the wide variety of physical activity options available to you as an employee!

Meditation/Breathing/Stress Management
Our lives can be quite stressful, so why not learn how to take control of your stress by learning how to handle stress in healthy ways. Learn what meditation is, how important effective and deep breathing is in dealing with stress, and learn techniques useful for calming the mind and refreshing the spirit when life becomes difficult. Or, do you want to open or close a meeting with a 15-20 minute guided meditation by an instructor? This would be a great way to expose your employees to the benefits of meditation.

Real Appeal Weight Loss Program
A member of the Healthy Columbus staff can come to you to help you educate and enroll your employees in our online healthy lifestyle program that teaches you how to make small, manageable changes that lead to a healthier body and lifestyle. The program is customizable to your needs and goals.

Tobacco Cessation
Have you tried to quit, but keep going back? This time, let Healthy Columbus walk through this journey with you. Learn what tobacco products do to your body as well as how to sign up for the Quit for Life program. You can do this!

Healthy Columbus Program Overview Presentation
This is a great way for us to educate your staff on all Healthy Columbus offerings as an employee wellness program.

What's New with Healthy Columbus?
We always have a fun program or activity coming up, so why not learn what's current? Give us 10, 15, or 20 minutes before or after a staff meeting to update your employees on what's current with Healthy Columbus.

Specialty Group Fitness Class (limited to once a quarter per City location)
What a great way to build community, inspire movement, and decrease stress among your employees! Choose from our list of class offerings on our latest group fitness calendar. You reserve the room, schedule the day and time, market to your employees, and we will provide the instructor. Classes are for all levels and do not require any experience. At this time, mats and other fitness equipment are not provided. We suggest participants bring their own mats (especially for Yoga).

If you have any further questions, email Brandon Kimbro at btkimbro@columbus.gov.

*All services are subject to the approval by the Healthy Columbus staff.