Supplier Diversity

Bid Opportunities

Solicitations are shown along with the department requesting the goods or services and the solicitation due date. To view detailed information, click the appropriate solicitation number. When applicable, click on the "Bid" link to details for a specific solicitation. Visit the City of Columbus Vendor Services site to view open and closed solicitations.

City of Columbus M/WBE & SLBE Program Manual(PDF, 1MB)

Business Certifications

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers FREE business certifications. By obtaining certification, businesses are able to obtain certifications with other entities besides the City of Columbus, as well as participate in business networking and educational programs.

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Contract Compliance

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is responsible for ensuring that all contractors, including subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers who desire to be a party to a City of Columbus contract, as defined by Section 3901.01 of the Columbus City Code, must hold a valid contract compliance verification number, and must comply with all provisions of Title 39.

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Utilization Reports

ODI is responsible for the production of annual utilization reports to the Mayor and City Council.

2022 Utilization Report(PDF, 174KB)
2021 Utilization Report(PDF, 168KB)
2020 Utilization Report(PDF, 612KB)
2019 Utilization Report(PDF, 146KB)
2018 Utilization Report(PDF, 622KB)

Our office is mandated by city code to monitor, analyze and report minority and women business enterprises utilization for all city departments, based upon city contract awards, contract payments, and vendor registration data.