GreenSpot Neighborhoods

Are you ready to take the next step? Turn your GreenSpot homes and businesses into a GreenSpot Neighborhood!

GreenSpot Neighborhood is a great way to bring together residents and businesses to make commitments that are unique for your neighborhood.  Commitments that help everyone live and work a little greener.

Benefits of being a GreenSpot Neighborhood include receipt of best practices for environmental and financial benefits, support from the City to develop your plan, and recognition from the City through GreenSpot social media and two GreenSpot Neighborhood signs installed at entry points to your neighborhood.

Read more about how to join GreenSpot Neighborhoods(PDF, 191KB) and email GreenSpot with any questions.

There are several sustainability programs available to neighborhoods. See how GreenSpot Neighborhood sustainability indicators compare to the other programs(PDF, 230KB).

See below for the summary of the GreenSpot Neighborhoods.

Clintonville (2019-present)

  • Recruited more than 400 new GreenSpot members.
  • Promoted local foods through farmers markets, master gardeners and vegan fest.
  • Created sustainability Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.
  • Promoted energy audits resulting in 258 home energy audits.
  • Promoted GreenSpot Backyards Conservation.
  • Removed invasive species and organized litter cleanups.
  • Promoted cycling through "Tour of Clintonville."
  • Gave out and/or planted 1,600 trees and 670 pollinator plants.
  • Partnered with Columbus Recreation and Parks to restore the Whetstone Prairie.
  • Indianola Informal K-8 is the first Columbus City School to be designated as a GreenSpot School.
  • Check out more of what Clintonville is doing and how you can help!

German Village (2017-2022)

  • 2017 German Village began holding GreenSpot Neighborhood meetings.
  • They formed an official committee of German Village in late 2017 and meet on a monthly basis.
  • They are informing and engaging their neighbors about the benefits of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and are working with a local farm to provide fresh produce, vegetables, and eggs.
  • Have recruited 185 neighbors to become GreenSpot households.
  • Use their GreenSpot Neighborhood German Village Facebook page to educate neighbors on tips to conserve and protect water, conserve energy, reduce waste, and green transportation.
  • Educated residents on how to take the bus, get an energy audit, participate in a Walking School Bus.
  • The German Village Society Haus is in the process of changing their lights to LED; including all holiday lights.
  • Investigating electric vehicles and EV charging stations, recruiting an additional 120 GreenSpot households, using social media to communicate tips on being green and upcoming events, and recycling in public areas.
  • GreenSpot Happy Hours to engage neighbors & educate on how easy it is to be green.
  • Inspired by GreenSpot, Art Crawl 2018 will no longer supply plastic water bottles. They will use a water refill station & promote bringing a reusable bottle or purchasing one of their reusable commemorative cups.
  • Their historic preservationist is baking sustainability into our preservation plan.
  • They have an Instagram page to educate & engage neighbors on green practices.
  • Sold rain barrels at the Garden Market.

Sawmill Place Area (2015-2017)

  • Educated more than 2,000 people on GreenSpot and sustainability/conservation actions through "Sawmill Saturdays" and "Think Spring" events (sixteen environmental and conservation groups participated).
  • Promoted and attended the GreenSpotLight Celebrations.
  • Participated in Earth Day work site.
  • Featured in a Natural Resources Defense Council video for preservation and improvement projects.
  • Planted more than 50 trees, prairies (native plants to promote pollinators) at the Sawmill Wetlands site.
  • Worthington Library has a "green-themed" series each year.
  • Held community yard sale with 100 families participating each year.
  • Promote conservation/sustainability through Friends of Sawmill Wetlands Facebook page.
  • Recognized as a Keep Columbus Beautiful sponsor with new sign on Bent Tree.
  • Awarded a Monarch Waystation site registration.
  • Cited as the Ohio Wetlands Association Leader in Wetland Advocacy.
  • Awarded by the National Garden Clubs for our preservation and educational programs.
  • Partnered with the Grange Insurance Audubon Center to present the award winning film The Messenger in December 2015.
  • Sponsor at the April 2016 Environmental Professionals Network.

Discovery District (2014-2016)

  • Recruited more than 120 households and businesses to be GreenSpots.
  • Promoted rain barrel workshops.
  • Promoted sustainability tips through social media and newsletters.
  • Worked with AEP Ohio Community Energy Savers program to reach 173 community participants (including Thurber Center, Kelton House, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Townley Court, and Forestdale Apartment Complex).
  • Invested $10,000 in lighting upgrades at Kelton House, Thurber Center, and Kappa Kappa Gamma.
  • Recruited more than 50 people to participate in the Bike to Work Day (2014).
  • Participated in Earth Day Celebration at Columbus Commons.
  • Promoted and attended the GreenSpotLight Celebration.
  • Identified recycling dumpster locations and educated those who are not eligible for the RecyColumbus residential recycling program.
  • Taught 30-40 first year and sophomore Metro Early College High School students about energy audits through in-community demonstrations.