Address Search

Taxpayers are encouraged to check addresses if there is any doubt as to the exact location and taxation district of the address. If you have 1 – 10 addresses to search please call us at (614) 645-7370. For requests that require searching more than ten (10) addresses for their corresponding taxing districts, please submit a list in the designated Excel layout via email. Businesses with multiple locations and employers located outside of Columbus are encouraged to check addresses.

GEO-Address Excel Spreadsheet Layout

GEO-Address Excel Spreadsheet Layout

The submitted files should be in Microsoft Excel 2000 or greater format. Each file may only have up to 10,000 local tax jurisdiction requests. The files may be submitted via e-mail attachment if the file size is less than 2 MB to [email protected]. Otherwise, the files should be burned to CD and mailed to:

        City of Columbus
        Income Tax Division
        C/O Administrative Secretary
        77 N. Front Street, 2nd Floor
        Columbus, OH 43215

After the file has been updated with the Local Tax Jurisdiction name, it will be sent back in the same manner as it was received. If the file was burned to a CD and sent in, please include a blank CD for the updated file.

File Layout - The application expects there to be a worksheet present that is named Sheet1.

Address Serach1

Mandatory Columns - These columns must be present (in any order) and spelled exactly correct.

  1. Address (should be address line 1 - do not submit PO Box or addresses which include a PO Box)
  2. City (postal city)
  3. Zip (not including the +4 - submit only zip codes within Central Ohio)
  4. LTJ - Local Tax Jurisdiction (this column will be updated with the corresponding city)

Address Serach2

Optional Columns - There can be many other optional columns present.

Below is an example of what a typical file should look like...

Address Serach3