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The Department of Technology is made up of roughly 185 staff members who are dedicated to partnering with, and providing support to all City departments to help meet ever-changing technology needs. Leading DOT staff are Director Sam Orth, and Deputy Directors Pam O’Grady and Rick Wagner.

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Imagine a world where technology is like a superhero, making big changes and solving problems. This is a world where coming up with new ideas and being creative is super important. Now, think about being part of that cool world by joining the City of Columbus, Ohio's Department of Technology team.

Columbus is a lively and smart city that's always thinking about tomorrow. By being part of this team, you can help make the future even brighter for people living in the heart of America and beyond. Whether you're working on making city services better with awesome tech tools or making sure our computer systems are strong, safe, and ready for the future, your work will help change things for the better.

By joining us, your hard work won't just help Columbus grow; it will also show other places how technology can make life better for everyone. Let's do something amazing together. Be part of a team that's bigger than just us, and help leave your mark on the future of Columbus!

Columbus city as a major tech hub

Columbus as a Tech Hub

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Columbus has emerged as a thriving technology hub, firmly establishing itself as a key player in the ever-evolving tech landscape. With a robust ecosystem of tech companies, startups, and academic institutions, Columbus has become a magnet for innovation and talent. The City's commitment to fostering technological advancements is evident through initiatives like Smart Columbus, which focuses on creating smart transportation solutions, and the growth of co-working spaces and incubators that provide a nurturing environment for startups. Furthermore, Columbus boasts a highly educated workforce thanks to its proximity to top-tier universities, driving research and development in various tech sectors. As a result, Columbus is not only attracting top tech talent but also fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation that positions it as a rising star in the technology world.