Acquisition and Relocation Compliance Services


The Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 (the Uniform Relocation Act aka URA) are the guidelines that must be followed when federal funds are used in the acquisition, rehabilitation or demolition of real property and when there is a relocation of occupants or personal/business property. Acquisition and Relocation Compliance Services provides assistance with the implementation of the Uniform Relocation Act when federal funds are used in a project. Applicant and property criteria for participation in this program are outlined below.
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Evaluations can influence or determine:

  • How and which project sites are acquired.
  • Which project sites will be rehabilitated.
  • Replacement units when other units will be demolished.
  • Relocation costs associated with the acquisition, rehabilitation or demolition of a proposed project.

For projects that involve tenant occupied units, the project evaluation will identify occupants that will be permitted to stay on the site (non-displaced persons), and occupants required to move (displaced persons).
The Acquisition and Relocation Compliance staff review applications for federal funds received by the City and the Columbus Compact. Staff evaluate the applicable acquisition and relocation procedures that will apply to a proposed project.
When approved projects result in displacement, the evaluations determine the costs to relocate the business or personal property and the displaced person(s).
When approved projects commence, the Acquisition and Relocation Compliance Services staff will assist with the implementation of the Uniform Act. 



If you are planning a project and are considering applying for federal funds, download and complete the attached "Project Evaluation" form. The Project Evaluation will help to determine if the project is feasible. The following obligations will also need to be met:

Environmental Review
The project must receive Environmental Review clearance from the City of Columbus as defined by the National Environmental Policy act, including the Historic Preservation review.

Historic Review
Clearance from the City of Columbus, Historic Review Preservation Officer must be obtained. The rehabilitation must comply with Section 106 standards by the Secretary of the Interior.

Federal Prevailing Wage requirements will apply to projects in which the following number of units are funded: CDBG funded projects - eight or more units; HOME funded projects - twelve or more units.

Lead Based Paint Hazards
Work on properties that were built prior to 1978 must comply with Title X rules and regulations, as well as applicable state lead paint laws. The cost and scope of rehabilitation work determines what inspections and interventions will be required.

Community Consultation 
Applicants are required to submit their applications to the appropriate Area Commission or Civic Neighborhood Association for disclosure and review prior to submission to the Department of Development. For assistance identifying the appropriate organization, contact Mr. Kim Stands at 645-7571. For your Neighborhood Liaison contact information and area map, click here. There may be several civic or neighborhood associations to meet with. Be advised that the Area Commission process can take 2-3 months.

City Reservation of Rights 
The City of Columbus reserves the right to waive the provisions of these guidelines within the limits of the Federal HOME, CDBG, City and State regulations in order to advance its mission and the goals of the Consolidated Plan. Such waiver shall not be construed as a general set-aside of the provisions and is at the sole discretion of the Director of the Department of Development.


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