Healthy Homes Production Grant

For additional information, please contact: 

Patti Chatman, Program Manager
Office: 614-645-3048

111 N. Front Street, 3rd Floor
Columbus, OH  43215

The Healthy Homes Program is designed to protect the most vulnerable families in the community from housing-related hazards by preserving affordable housing, improving conditions, and improving neighborhoods in the city. The program will holistically address a variety of high-priority housing-based health and safety hazards, such as mold and moisture, pests, injury and safety hazards, poor indoor air quality, carbon monoxide, and the identification and mitigation of radon. Applicants are eligible to receive a grant of up to $7,500, average per unit, to address housing hazards.  Applications are currently being accepted: Healthy Homes Application(PDF, 1MB)

Healthy-Homes-Reference-Table.pdf(PDF, 592KB)

Healthy-Homes-Policies-Procedures.pdf(PDF, 175KB)


Program Eligibility & Guidelines

  • Property must be located within the City of Columbus corporate limits
  •  Total household income must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI)
  • Active insurance policy on the property
  • Not in active foreclosure or unconfirmed bankruptcy
  • Must be current on mortgage and property taxes
  •  Do not have federal, state, or municipal liens
  •  All rental units must pass a Decent, Safe & Sanitary Inspection


Program Priorities Priority

  1. Units occupied with vulnerable residents: children under six years of age, elderly (62 years and over), and disabled.
  2. Units built prior to 1978.
  3. Owner Occupied units with no vulnerable residents.
  4. Tenant‐occupied rental units in which there are no vulnerable residents living.
  5. Vacant single and multi‐family rental units


Income Guidelines