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Foodborne Illness Reporting

There are hundreds of microorganisms and numerous chemicals that can cause illness through food or water. Any illness that is caused by eating contaminated food or water is considered a foodborne illness. Columbus Public Health takes reports of illness from consumers and food business owners.

If you think the food or water made you ill please call (614) 645-1791 to speak to a nurse or email

Infectious Disease Reporting for Healthcare Providers

The Infectious Disease Reporting System is the combined infectious disease reporting system for health care provided in Franklin County, including the City of Columbus. The Columbus and Franklin County Public Health agencies have joined forces to make the reporting, tracking and investigation of infectious disease cases easier and more convenient.

Disease Reporting for the General Public

If you're currently having symptoms and would like to talk to someone, you can call us at (614) 645-1474 (option 2).

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