Counter Terrorism Unit

Report Homeland Security Concerns
Call: 877-OHS-INTEL (877-647-4683)

The Mission of the Division’s Homeland Security Section is to provide a safe environment for the citizens of Central Ohio and to foster resilience within the community to withstand challenges that lie ahead. The goals of the Homeland Security Section are to (1) establish and maintain a Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), (2) gather, analyze, and distribute intelligence about threats to Columbus and the Central Ohio Homeland Security Region 4, and (3) coordinate the efforts of local, state, federal and private agencies to address all potential hazards.

What is Terrorism Early Warning Group? (TEWG)

The Terrorism Early Warning Group (TEWG) concept was implemented in the Central Ohio area in 2006 in order to address information sharing concerns as it relates to terrorism in the Central Ohio area, with the goal of uniting local, state and federal law enforcement with other public and private organizations aimed at detecting, deterring and responding to terrorist threats. The TEWG is composed of members of public safety, public health and representatives of our area’s critical infrastructures and key resources (CI/KR). The Columbus Police TEWG is called the Counter Terrorism Unit. 

The concept of interagency information sharing became a topic of discussion within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office in the mid-1990’s when it became evident that agencies in the county often possessed information that was not being forwarded to others that had a “need to know”. To address this problem, an inter-agency information sharing network was established to address this loophole.

The events of 9/11 brought forth the consequences of what can occur when agencies fail to share information as it relates to our national security. As a result, various Homeland Security Presidential Directives were implemented to address the loopholes in our countries information sharing network. Looking at the Los Angeles information sharing group as a model, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) implemented the concept of the Terrorism Early Warning Group.

The Central Ohio TEWG will encompass Ohio Homeland Security Planning Region 4, which encompasses Franklin, Fairfield, Pickaway, Fayette, Madison, Union, Logan, Hardin, Marion, Wyandot, Crawford, Delaware, Morrow, Knox and Licking Counties. Each county has an Information Liaison Officer (ILO) who shares information related to national security with the Statewide Terrorism Analysis Crime Center (STACC) in Columbus.

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