Citizen Link

Crime Victims Rights Toolkit
The Crime Victims Rights Toolkit serves as a self-help resource for crime victims. The Toolkit is designed to help victims of Ohio and federal crimes understand and exercise their rights.

Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events
With all of the active shooter/ active aggressor events and other critical incidents happening across the world, it only makes sense to be prepared. C.R.A.S.E. classes provide FREE training to the community from sworn officers who are experienced Division trainers.

Citizen Ride Alongs(PDF, 534KB)
Have you ever wondered how it may feel being a police officer on patrol? Now is your chance... Experience a day-in-the-life of our dedicated men and women officers on a ride-along.

Citizen Police Academy
The Citizen Police Academy is a free community education program intended to build lasting relationships between participants and police, with the goal of reducing crime and achieving the best police service.

Compliments & Complaints
We're committed to providing quality service to all individuals in the City of Columbus. Our work impacts the quality of life in our community, so let us know if you have a complaint.

Human Resources & Civilian Positions
Interested in being part of the Columbus Division of Police? Read more about our Human Resources Bureau, and some of the civilian professional and technical positions represented within the Division.

Internet Purchase Exchange Zones
In response to concerns about citizen safety, the City of Columbus, Department of Public Safety has established Internet Purchase Exchange Zones.

Open Carry in Ohio(PDF, 342KB)
One does not need to have a concealed carry permit, or any other specific permit or license, to openly-carry a firearm in Ohio. However, like most rights, the right to openly carry a firearm is not unlimited.