Safe Exchange Zones

Internet Purchase Exchange Zone Signage

In response to concerns about personal safety while making a sale or purchase utilizing an online auction or person to person exchange, the City of Columbus, Department of Public Safety has created five (5) monitored Internet Purchase Exchange Zones around the City.  These zones will be located at Columbus Division of Police (CPD) Sub-stations.

Residents will be able to conduct their transaction at any of the five locations knowing that the exchange is being recorded with a City-owned video surveillance camera.  In addition, since the locations involve a police sub-station, marked vehicles could be expected to be on location at any time.

The five locations are as follows:

  • Station #1   - 8118 Sancus Blvd. Westerville, OH 43081  (Far North)
  • Station #3   - 5400 Olentangy River Rd. Columbus, OH 43235  (North)
  • Station #5   - 1371 Cleveland Ave. Columbus, OH 43211 (Northeast)
  • Station #10 - 4215 Clime Rd. Columbus, OH 43228 (Far West)
  • Station #20 - 2500 Park Crescent Dr. Columbus, OH 43232  (Far East)

Each location will be signed with a placard within view of the surveillance camera.  Users are encouraged to conduct their transaction near the sign for maximum coverage.