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The Columbus Commitment

We encourage you to join our movement in 2023 and sign the Columbus Commitment Pledge!(PDF, 156KB)

100 Adopters. 100 Days. 100% Committed

The Columbus Commitment is a voluntary, employer-led pledge to close the wage gap and achieve pay equity for working women. As of March 2023, over 370 local employers have signed the pledge and are examining their practices to address equity.

Learn More About the Columbus Commitment Pledge

To learn more about the Columbus Commitment: Achieving Pay Equity pledge click here to download the Columbus Commitment Packet(PDF, 2MB) which outlines the benefits of joining the learning community and answers commonly asked questions.

When you sign the pledge, you are joining a community of local employers committed to sharing best practices for building equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Columbus Commitment Adopters Commit To:

  • Understand: Learn about the economic impact of pay inequity, how implicit bias contributes to the issue, and the disproportionate impact across different races and ethnicities
  • Analyze: Review objective information to understand how hiring, promotional, and pay practices may lead to gender and racial disparities.
  • Act: Invest time and talent to address gender- and race-based wage disparity by implementing solutions.
  • Share: Share best practices and successes with other organizations, as well as participate in an annual Best Practices event hosted by the Columbus Women’s Commission.

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Current Adopters Lists
Organizations who have signed on to The Columbus Commitment: Achieving Pay Equity.

Adopter Survey Results
In the fall of 2019, the Columbus Women's Commission surveyed the Columbus Commitment Adopters to learn some of the policies & practices these companies have changed or created for gender equity. Additionally, we wanted to hear what areas the adopters felt successful and what topics they may need more support/resources on. We learned that there has been a lot of positive movement by Columbus employers toward gender equitable workplaces. Click here to see the results.


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