Find Healthcare Resources

Access to Care
Access to health insurance, where to get care, local resources and more.

Alcohol and Drug Programs
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program

Animals and Insects
Programs related to preventing and controlling disease spread by animal or insect, as well as other concerns they cause.

Being Active
Programs, parks, plans, places and more to be active in Columbus.

Being Prepared
Programs relates to preparing for and responding to public health threats, monitoring community health indicators, and investigating infectious disease.

Environmental Health
Prevents or reduces risks from environmental hazards, like disease or injury from food, water, air, animals, insects, hazardous materials and hazardous waste.

Family Health
Columbus Public Health programs focused on children and families.

Health Planning
Health planning programs and community planning efforts.

Healthy Foods
Nutrition programs, access to healthy foods, and healthy weight.

HIV Testing and Care
HIV Testing and Education Confidential and anonymous testing at the Sexual Health Clinic or in community sites around Columbus. HIV education provided to individuals and organizations. Programs developed around specific needs. HIV Intervention Licensed Social Workers provide support and counseling.

Infant Health
Programs to promote healthy pregnancies and babies for Columbus residents, especially those at high risk.

Infectious Disease
Infectious disease prevention, control and investigation programs.

Neighborhood Health
Programs working in and with neighborhoods to promote health and improve lives.

Safe Food, Air and Water
Programs to prevent disease or injury associated with food, air and water.

Safe Roads, Homes & Schools
Safety programs focus on protecting residents and preventing injuries.

Sexual Health
Program areas in sexual health testing, education, prevention and control.

Tobacco Free
Tobacco Free programs and resources for Columbus.