Capital and Debt Management

Program Mission

To coordinate the city's capital improvements budget and capital improvements program and to provide debt management services to city departments.

Proposed Capital Improvement Documents

Proposed 2024 Capital Improvement Budget(PDF, 312KB)

Proposed 2024-2029 Capital Improvement Program(PDF, 203KB)

Capital Improvement Budget Dashboard

The City of Columbus Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) Dashboard provides a wide range of information regarding the current Capital Budget. Information contained in the dashboard includes various breakdowns of the CIB by department type, department, and division, data on the number of funded projects by category, and a project details page that is filterable and searchable. Also included is data connecting the 2024 CIB with Mayor Ginther’s Opportunity Rising initiative.

Capital Improvement Budget Dashboard

Note: The Dashboard is best viewed at 100% scale and layout size within your computer display settings.

Capital Planning Areas

Capital Planning Areas(PNG, 675KB)

Capital Improvement Planning Areas

Historical Documents

Capital Improvements Budget

Capital Improvements Program