Construction Management

Program Mission

To provide building construction project management for City agencies to cost-effectively meet operational needs.

Typical Services Provided by Construction Management

  • Management of contracts for the design, construction, renovation or repair of city buildings
  • Assessment, inspection, scheduling and estimation of costs for building projects

Key Performance Measures

  • Capital delivery costs as a percentage of total construction or renovation project costs
  • Percentage of design and construction, renovation and repair projects within original budget

The Office of Construction Management provides contract and project management for new facility construction and renovations for most city-owned and operated buildings, with the exception of those managed by the Departments of Recreation and Parks and Public Utilities. The typical types of facilities under the purview of the Office include, but are not limited to, high-and low-rise office buildings, police substations and fire stations, safety training and administration facilities, City Hall, the main Columbus Public Health facility and city-supported health centers.

The Office strives to keep projects on schedule and on budget, working with general contractors, design firms and the building owner (city agency). Where possible, green building elements are incorporated into the building design.

Project Information

Information regarding current and upcoming projects can be found at our Fact Sheets page.