Tax Filing and Payments

In order to use our E-File/E-Pay system, you must be assigned a PIN to initially access your account.   To obtain a city-assigned PIN, you first must have a tax account established on our system.   If you do not already have a city tax account established with us, you may complete on-line the form IT-47 questionnaire.  After your city tax account has been established, this takes about five (5) business days, you may request a PIN by sending an email to

The Columbus Income Tax Division currently offers two E-File applications, Easy File and Payment Portal.   The PIN and ID number mentioned above will allow you to access both, at which point you will be asked to set a new PIN of your choice.

The first application, Easy File allows individuals to file and pay their Columbus Annual Income Tax Returns (IR-25).

The second application, Payment Portal can be used to file and pay the following forms for individuals and businesses.

  • Payment of Assessments
  • Declaration of Estimated Tax for Individuals and Businesses (IR-21 and BR-21)
  • Quarterly Statement of Estimated Tax (IR-18 and BR-18)
  • Application for Extension of Time to File (IR-42 and BR-42)\
  • Employer's Quarterly Return of Tax Withheld (IT-11)
  • Employer's Semi-Monthly or Monthly Deposit (IT-15)