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FIREFIGHTER    Firefighter jackets

The 2022 Firefighter Eligible List has been established and will be in effect through June 27, 2024.

The next official application filing period for Firefighter is scheduled for 2024.

For information regarding filing a City of Columbus application to take the Firefighter exam please review the document listed directly below titled Tips for Filing Firefighter Applications.

Tips for Filing Firefighter Applications                         

You may also contact the Fire Recruitment office for additional information or opportunities. Fire Recruitment can be reached by calling 614-645-6387 or emailing  [email protected]

    Firefighter Exam

      Currently, the  Entry-Level Firefighter examination consists of three phases:

    • Phase I: Multiple Choice Examination (pass/fail)
    • Phase II: Oral Examination aka Fire Oral Assessment Mechanism (FOAM) (band/fail)
    • Phase III: Physical Examination aka Firefighter Mile (pass/fail) 

      Entry-Level Firefighter Exam Resources


      Firefighter Selection Process

      Firefighter Background Removal Standards

      Background Removal Standards for Firefighter applications received after December 13, 2021

      Firefighter Entry Level Test Guide

      Firefighter Mile Candidate Orientation Guide

      Firefighter Mile Orientation Video

      FOAM Practice Scenario Video

      FOAM Response to Practice Scenario Video

      Veterans Preference Fact Sheet

      Civil Service Commission Medical Guide for Firefighter Candidates

      Treadmill Stress Test Guide

      Fire Training Academy Warm-Up Exercises


      Firefighter Exam Information Sessions

      Information sessions are designed to help candidates understand what is expected during the exam. An overview of the study guide will be provided, along with a question and answer session. These information sessions are optional for candidates. They are hosted by the Civil Service Commission.

       A video of the final information session is available by clicking here.  Additional information sessions may be held prior to the next test administration.


      QUESTIONS? If you have questions about the….  


      • POSITION  (what the job is like, salary, benefits, recruiting events), please contact the Fire Recruiting Unit. See the bottom of this page for contact information;  
      • TESTING PROCESS  (what’s on the test, how to do well), please contact the Civil Service Commission Public Safety Test Team. See the bottom of this page for contact information;  
      • YOUR STATUS ON THE CURRENT ELIGIBLE LIST, click here to see what band is currently being processed and other selection process information. 

       Contact Information

      If you have additional questions about the job (salary, job responsibilities, etc.), please contact Fire Recruiting at (614) 645-6387.  If you have additional questions about the test, please contact Civil Service at (614) 645-0879.