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division addresses phone and fax Office of the Director   
Michael B. Coleman Government Center
111 N. Front St., 8th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215  
(614) 645.7795   
(614) 645.6675 [FAX]  

Economic Development
111 N. Front St., 8th Floor   
Columbus, OH 43215  
(614) 645.8616  
(614) 645.6675 [FAX]  

Housing Division  
111 N. Front St., 3rd Floor   
Columbus, OH 43215  
(614) 645.6675 [FAX]  

Land Redevelopment Division   
845 Parsons Avenue    
Columbus, OH 43206-9030   
(614) 645.5263   
(614) 645-6675  [FAX]  

Planning Division   
111 N. Front St., 8th Floor     
Columbus, OH 43215  
(614) 724.4437 
(614) 645.6675 [FAX]

Below are links to the current programs in the Housing Division geared towards Homeowners:

Acquisition and Relocation Compliance Services Acquisition and relocation due to a federally funded housing/highway project or code vacate order - learn more

American Dream Downpayment Initiative (ADDI) Downpayment assistance to purchase a first home in the City of Columbus and Columbus School District. - learn more

Chores Program The Chores program assists senior citizens and/or disabled persons with minor repairs to their homes.  These repairs must be for the safety and/or health of the senior or disabled person. - learn more

Emergency Repair Program The Emergency Repair program provides for the immediate correction of an emergency condition that has been determined to present an imminent danger to the health and/or safety of the occupants of residential property in the City of Columbus including heating, plumbing, and electrical repairs. - learn more

Healthy Homes Program The Healthy Homes Program is designed to protect the most vulnerable families in the community from housing-related hazards by preserving affordable housing, improving conditions, and improving neighborhoods in the city. The program will holistically address a variety of high-priority housing-based health and safety hazards, such as mold and moisture, pests, injury and safety hazards, poor indoor air quality, carbon monoxide, and the identification and removal of lead-based paint.  - learn more

Lead Safe Columbus Lead-based paint hazard control work (interior and exterior). - learn more

Community Reinvestment Areas/Residential Tax Incentives Property tax abatement on increased valuation due to property improvements in the Community Reinvestment Areas. - learn more

Tool Library The Tool Library is a tool-lending library that is located in Columbus, Ohio. The Tool Library was created by the City of Columbus in 1976, using a Federal Community Development Block Grant. The Tool Library offers over 200 different types of and over 4,500 individual hand and power tools. - learn more

Critical Home Repair Program The mission of the Critical Home Repair Program is to assist individuals, families, and veterans to remain in their homes and live independently in a safe and sound environment. - learn more

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Housing Contact Info

Housing Division
Office:  614-645-7896
Intake Line

Office : 614-645-8526 
Email:  Home_Safe_And_Sound  

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