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The Division of Traffic Management and Parking Violations Bureau manage parking in the City to ensure reasonable access and turnover for residents and visitors. See below for information about parking regulations, parking meters, parking tickets, impoundment and parking permits.

Handicapped Parking

ADA Accessible Parking Information about on-street ADA Accessible parking rules and regulations - learn more

Parking Violations Bureau

Parking Violations Bureau Information about parking tickets, vehicle impoundment and more! - learn more

Short North Mural

Short North Parking Plan Information on the Short North Parking Plan, including upcoming events - learn more

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Parking Tickets

To pay a parking ticket  click here

To contest a parking ticket  click here

Parking meters in Downtown

Residential Parking Permit Information A small number of Columbus neighborhoods require permits for parking. Residential parking permits are issued at the Parking Violations Bureau (PVB). - learn more

Parking Meter Advisory Team

Parking Meter Advisory Team Meeting materials and handouts for the 2014 Parking Meter Advisory Team. - learn more

Parking Meters

Parking Meters The City of Columbus is replacing its aging meters with units that accept debit and credit cards as well as coins. - learn more

Parking Meter Card

Parking Meter Card Parking meter cards are now available. - learn more

Scooter Moped Motorcycle Permits

Scooter Moped Motorcycle Permits Motorcycles, mopeds and motor scooters may legally park anywhere cars and trucks park according to current City Code. - learn more

Valet Parking Rules and Regulations

Valet Parking Rules and Regulations Information about Valet Parking Rules and Regulations - learn more

High Street parking meters

Loading Zone Rules and Regulations Information about Loading Zones - learn more

Scooter parking

Report a Broken Parking Meter Click here to report a broken meter.  - learn more

COTA park and ride photo

COTA Park and Ride Park and rides take the hassle out of going to work. Simply leave your vehicle at your park and ride location, jump on the bus, sit back and relax while COTA does the driving. - learn more

Short North Special Parking Area

Short North Special Parking Area Information about the Short North Special Parking Area - learn more


Short North Parking Study Information about the Short North Parking Study - learn more

Parking meters in Downtown

Columbus Parking Laws Information about parking City Code - learn more