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* The online system is only for permit zones starting with SN, CH and EF. All other applicants must apply in-person or by mail at Parking Services.

ParkColumbus Mobile Payment Application

The City of Columbus launched the ParkColumbus mobile payment app in early 2019. The app is available on parking meters that display the ParkColumbus sticker and in mobile payment only zones where signage posted*. The ParkColumbus app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. 

The City continues to expand where the ParkColumbus app is available. Ideally, the app will be available at all 4,500 meters in 2020.

To learn how to use the app, click here

For an informational brochure, click here

Guide for using ParkColumbus App, click here

*Please note, payments made through the mobile application to pay for parking at a meter are not sent to the parking meter.  The meter will show "expired" when paid through the application.