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I-70 and I-71 Corridor

Description:   This corridor in Downtown Columbus is one of the busiest and most vital sections of highway in the region. It serves approximately 150,000 vehicles and 17,000 trucks per day yet accounts for 27% of all I-70 and I-71 accidents in Franklin County. The goal is to reduce the number of ramps from nineteen to thirteen on the 1.5-mile stretch of freeway, which leads the state in congestion and crashes, about 800 each year.  The finished project will help reconnect some neighborhoods to downtown and promote economic development in downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

Schedule (per ODOT):
The first phase of the project that includes the Spring Street and Long Street bridge crossings and cap is now constructed as of June 2014. Construction for a portion of the second phase, Phase 2C Mound Street Connector also now open as of  November 2014. Phases 2D (the east I-70/I-71 interchange) and 4A (south innerbelt at Front St and High St) are under design and expected to begin construction in 2016.

Construction Cost (for the first 5 phases ):  $1.109 billion

Federal, state, and local dollars are being used for construction, design, construction management, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocation and a 10% contingency. The east corridor includes the first three phases of the project:  the I-71/I-670 interchange; the east I-70/I-71 interchange; and I-71 between the two interchanges.  Phases 4 and 5 include the south innerbelt and the east freeway. Funding is subject to future allocation through Ohio Department of Transportation's Transportation Review Advisory Council.

Contact Information:
City of Columbus Project Mgr.: Bud Braughton, P.E., tel. (614) 645-8241.