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ADA Compliance ADA Compliance Office
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77 N. Front St.
Columbus, OH. 43215
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The City of Columbus has a policy against the discrimination of people with disablilities

Policy Against Discrimination of Persons with Disabilities

The City of Columbus is strongly committed to the principles of fair and equitable treatment for all persons with disabilities. Therefore, it is the policy of the City of Columbus to: 
Prohibit discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities in regard to application procedures, hiring, advancement, compensation, training and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment; 
Prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities in transportation, public accommodation, communications and governmental activities; 
Provide accessible and barrier free City owned and leased buildings, programs, services and activities to all persons with disabilities; 
Provide equal employment opportunity in City government in all employment decisions, programs, services and activities for persons with disabilities; 
Actively interact with the employee and provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other federal or state law; 
Comply with all federal and state laws concerning the employment of persons with disabilities. 
The Department of Human Resources shall assist other departments and divisions with implementing and administering this policy in accordance with all applicable laws and rules. 
Departments and Divisions shall cooperate with the Department of Human Resources in the implementation and administration of this policy. 
All departments and divisions shall ensure that the buildings, programs, services and activities under their control and/or operated by them, are accessible and barrier free. 
All contractors or sub-contractors doing business with the City of Columbus shall be required to comply with any and all federal, state and local laws requiring accessibility and equal employment opportunity for persons with disabilities, and to file a written statement certifying such compliance with the City of Columbus as a condition of doing business with the City. 
An employee who wishes to request a reasonable accommodation should contact their respective departments or division HR representative for the forms and discussion of the accommodation requested. 
Any person who believes that he or she has been discriminated against may file a complaint with the respective Appointing Authority and/or Department Director and/or the Equal Employment Resources Manager at the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) in the Department of Human Resources. The EEO office is located at 77 North Front Street, Suite 101, Columbus, Ohio 43215. The EEO office may also be reached by telephone at (614) 645-8871. 
Effective date July 1, 2003 PO3-2