Electronic Filing and Payment Methods

EASY FILE for Individuals  

IR-25, Estimates,Outstanding, 
and Civil Suit Payments 

Please note that first-time 
filers must file IR-25 by paper.


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(formerly E-File/E-Pay)
For Filing of Forms:
IT-11, IT-15, IR-21
BR-21, IR-18, BR-18,
IR-42, BR-42
and Payment of Liabilities

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Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
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Free Parking: 
Free parking for those conducting business with our office is available in the City parking garage at 141 N Front Street, just north of the Michael B. Coleman Government Center. 
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Please Note: 
Do not send tax documents containing personal information via email. These documents must be mailed or faxed to our office using the contact information listed above.

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Translated Form Instructions Available

In an effort to expand accessibility to services, the Income Tax Division has translated the instructions for the following forms into Spanish and Arabic:

  • 2019 Form IR-25, Annual City Tax Return for Individuals,
  • 2019 Form IR-42, Application for Filing Extension,
  • 2020 Form IR-21, Declaration of Estimated Tax, and
  • 2020 Form IR-18, Quarterly Statement of Estimated Tax Due.

Additionally, the 2018 form IR-25 instructions are available in Arabic, French, Nepali, Somali, and Spanish. All forms and their instructions are available by visiting the forms section of the Division's website.