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The proximity of Columbus to major markets makes it one of the best locations in the country. We're within a one-day drive by truck or a one-hour flight to:

  • 41% of the US population
  • 80% of US corporate headquarters
  • 43% of US manufacturing
  • 29% of the Canadian population

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Located within 500 miles of New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta and other important locations, our regional access to major population centers of the United States gives the city a distinct advantage to travelers and distribution operations.

More than 15,000 truck movements originate or terminate daily in Greater Columbus. Over 150 direct flights are available from Port Columbus International Airport and Rickenbacker International Airport has a foreign trade zone and numerous warehouse options. 

Columbus freeways include I-71, I-70 (a major east-west interstate), I-270 and I-670.  It is also one hour from Interstate 75, which serves markets such as Detroit, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Miami.

Commute time in Columbus averages slightly over 20 minutes, one of the best nationwide.

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