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Museums, festivals, parks, live music and theatre are just some of the reasons Columbus is one of the best places in the nation to live, work and raise a family. But don't take our word for it. Here's where we rank according to some of the top news sources around the nation.

Huntington Park with rainbow   LeClaire

Number 1s

#1 best place to live, work and raise a family for African Americans (BET Networks)

#1 in the country, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (USA & USA Travel Guide)

#1 library Columbus Metropolitan Library (Library Journal)

#1 up & coming high-tech city (Forbes Magazine)

#1 city for sports (Scarborough Sports Marketing)

#1 New Baseball Park Huntington Park (Ballpark Digest)

#1 Science Center COSI (Parents Magazine)

#1 Entrepreneurial Capacity Building Rev1 Ventures  (State Science and Technology Institute)

COSI   Neighborhood housing

Top of the charts   

America's Best Place to Raise Kids (Business Week)

Most Affordable Place to Retire (Forbes Magazine)

Best Super Specialty Museum in the Nation for Children COSI (Child Magazine)

Top arena [Nationwide] in the country for Stadium Experience (ESPN magazine)

Top ten most livable city (CNN/Money Magazine)

Among America's Economically Strongest Metro Areas (Bloomberg Businessweek)

All-American City (National Civic League)

High marks across the board

4th cleanest city in America (Reader's Digest)

4th Best Fall Vacation Destination in the World (National Geographic)

4th Best City in Nation for Jobs and Housing (Yahoo Finance)

7th best city in country for business (Market Watch)

7th most high-tech city (Popular Science Magazine)

8th best city in its Vitality Index (Creative Cities)

9th best city in the nation (Black Enterprise magazine)

9th art destination city (AmericanStyle Magazine)

11th best city for single young professionals (Forbes Magazine)

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