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July 24, 2019

Since taking office nearly four years ago, I have made diversity and inclusion a top priority for my administration, pressing for stronger recruitment strategies, improving employee training, addressing procurement policies, and tasking senior leadership to champion the value of diversity. We cannot become America’s Opportunity City until we become America’s Equal Opportunity City.

In 2017, we commissioned Mason Tillman Associates to conduct a disparity study that would measure disparity in city prime and subcontracts between 2012 and 2015. This study, released to the public today, allows us to look at where we have been, and will inform our path forward as we continue to work to increase the number of City contracts with minority businesses.

We’ve not been standing idly by waiting for the results of the study to begin our work. In 2017, we saw a 50% increase in city spending with minority- and women-owned businesses. In 2018, we saw another 24% increase over 2017. Last year, nearly 16% of our contracts were awarded to minority- and women-owned businesses.

We are off to a good start, but the findings of the disparity study show there is still much room for improvement. The study found statistically significant disparities exist for African American businesses, Hispanic American, Asian American businesses and Native American businesses in prime contracts. Additionally, the study showed disparities for African-American, Asian-American, and women-owned businesses for subcontracts.

Over the course of the next several months, I will work with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to further develop the recommendations offered in the disparity study, and with feedback from community stakeholders, develop an implementation strategy focused on areas where we can make the greatest impact and increase minority participation in City contracts.

I remain committed to working to eradicate disparity where it exists, and ensuring contractors, subcontractors and other city service providers reflect the beautiful diversity of our city.

Two community stakeholder meetings have been scheduled for August 5, at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.  The locations have yet to be determined.  Representatives from Mason Tillman and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion will be available to answer questions.

Click here to see the Executive Summary of the study.