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Healthy Eating

Choose My PlatePractical information for eating healthy; sponsored by United States Department of Agriculture - learn more

Kids Eat RightHealthy eating tips for all ages provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. - learn more

My Food AdvisorRecipes for Healthy Living from the American Diabetes Association. - learn more

American Heart AssociationDelicious Decisions by the American Heart Association offers healthy recipes of all kinds through free sample recipes and their cookbook series. - learn more

Mayo Clinic Healthy Recipes presented by renowned health care provided. - learn more

Resources to get your family eating a healthier diet

Healthy Plate

Plan A Healthy Plate Track Your Food Intake: Find out if you're on target for calories and important nutrients.
Get Daily Food Plans: Learn what--and how much--you should be eating every day.
Set Personalized Goals: Choose up to five goals and get advice and online support.

Healthy Shopping

Get Tips & Ideas Eat Right on a Budget: Advice for making good choices when grocery shopping without breaking the bank.
Choose Healthy Snacks: Ideas for between-meal munchies.
Pick the Best Drinks: Learn the healthiest way to keep kids hydrated.
Cook Safely: Keep your whole family safe while prepping, cooking, and storing food.

Dish on Delish Healthy Eating videos with Chef Jim Warner of the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center - learn more

Healthy Recipes Pumpkin Bread RecipeGet together with family and friends to try out some of these healthy recipes we've collected from various sites supporting healthy eating. - learn more