Get Active Columbus


Healthy Places Program The mission of the Healthy Places program is to enhance healthy and active living. - learn more

Columbus Public Health Walking Information Walking is good for all ages and the City of Columbus offers many programs and tips to help you get started and put on foot in front of the other to get moving. - learn more

Columbus Art Walks An 'artistic' way to get active while seeing great public art, architectural and historical sites around Columbus.Art Walks - learn more

Columbus Walking Maps Check out neighborhood walking maps to identify safe walking routes and add more physical activity to everyday life in Columbus.Walking Maps - learn more

Green Walks A unique way to get active while learning about the environment in one of Columbus’ premier parks. These plotted paths are great for nature buffs and offer educational lessons for all.Green Walk - learn more

Neighborhood Walking Clubs Step out every other Saturday at 8:30 AM and enjoy an hour-long morning walk led by a physician from Mount Carmel Health System.Walk with a Doc


Walking is an easy and free activity that does more than keep you fit. Walking also elevates your mood, reduces your risk of disease, saves you money on gas, puts more "eyes on the street" in your neighborhood, and reduces traffic and pollution.

Find A New Place to Walk  

Neighborhood Walking Routes 

Being active in your community can be as easy as getting outside and walking.  At Columbus Public Health, the Healthy Places Program has developed more than 20 neighborhood walking maps. Find the full list of maps here. 

Columbus Art Walks 

Art Walks
Columbus Art Walks is a self-guided walking map and audio tour of featured districts in Columbus. A map will direct you to sites, and an audio recording can be accessed that provides information about each site on the map. Learn more on Columbus Public Health's Art Walk page. 

Walk With a Doc

This is a free community program for anyone who wants to take charge of their health. Come alone or bring a loved one for a walk in the park. Physicians, specialists, and other health care providers will walk with the group to answer questions and provide support.

Have a Safe Walk

  • Follow these safety tips when walking in your neighborhood:
  • Know your route before you leave
  • Use sidewalks. If you must walk on a route without a sidewalk, walk facing traffi
  • Use crosswalks. Even if it takes you a few extra minutes, walk to the closest crosswalk. Be sure that oncoming traffic is going to stop before you begin to cross
  • Never cross mid-block
  • Make yourself visible! You are more likely to get hit if a driver can’t see you. At night, make yourself visible by wearing light and/or reflective clothing
  • Don’t surprise drivers by coming out into the road from behind objects such as parked cars
  • Alcohol and drugs impair your ability to walk safely
  • Be aware of your surroundings. You have as much responsibility as the drivers do
  • Be a good role model. Teach your children safe guidelines for walking and follow them yourself