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Office of Sustainability 
910 Dublin Road
Columbus, OH 43215 

Bryan M. Clark
Deputy Director
Phone: (614) 645-6992

Erin Beck
Assistant Director, Sustainable Columbus 
Phone: (614) 645-3522

Alana Shockey
Assistant Director, Sustainability 
Phone: (614) 645-7157

Jeff Ortega
Sustainable Columbus Coordinator
Phone: (614) 645-8995

David R. Celebrezze  
GreenSpot Coordinator 
Phone: (614) 645-6703

Jenna Tipaldi  
Climate Advisor 
Phone: (614) 645-8116

Each year since 2005 the City has released a report summarizing environmental efforts taking place. View these documents below.

2020 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include Sustainable Columbus, American Cities Climate Challenge; Home Energy Audit Campaign; Energy Benchmarking Ordinance, Clean Energy Columbus and much more. View here.

2019 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include Sustainable Columbus, Sustainable Steps, American Cities Climate Challenge, Conservation and Protection of Natural Resources, and much more. View here.

2018 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include Sustainable Columbus, Sustainable Steps, American Cities Climate Challenge, illegal dumping clean up, and many more. View report

2017 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include Smart Columbus, GreenSpot, Pick It Up!, Blueprint Columbus, and many more, as we continued to grow and make progress towards our goals of becoming a thoughtful, sustainable community. View Report.

2016 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include climate change and energy, community engagement, built environment & transportation, Branch Out Columbus, and waste reduction. View report.

2015 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include water conservation, petroleum reduction, climate, community engagement, and waste reduction. View report.

2014 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include green strategy plan, GreenSpot hitting 10,000 members, RecyColumbus expanded to an additional 13,777 households, and parkland grew by an additional of 60 acres. View report.

2013 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include the Fleet Management solar array, launch of CoGo Bike Share, car sharing services and announcement of the expansion of the residential recycling program. View report.

2012 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include RecyColumbus, increase of on-street bikeways by 12 miles, and 5th Ave dam removal. View report.

2011 Highlights include 800 rain barrels distributed, Big Darby Accord Town Center Master Plan was completed, Green Columbus Fund awarded seventeen grants totaling $999,797, and GreenSpot Kids was launched. View short version. View long version.

2005-2010 SUMMARY Highlights include Green Pact, addressing outdoor and indoor air quality, and improved recycling. View report.

2010 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include Government Fleet Magazine’s Environmental Leadership Award, Lung Association Clean
Vehicle Champion Award, SWACO Emerald Award and the MORPC Energy & Air Quality Award. View short version. View long version.

2009 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include AWARE Green/Universal Design Manual being adopted, increased internal recycling, 80 bike racks were installed citywide, air quality alert notification system, and Park of Roses green roof. View Report.

2008 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include collaboration, community outreach, Green Fleet Action Plan, GreenSpot began, and The Bicentennial Bikeways Plan. View report.

2007 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include Green Team formation, biking, green buildings, green fleets, and the Big Darby. View long version. View short version.

2006 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include green jobs, Pedal Instead, LEED adoption, and Greenview Estates. View short version. View long version.

2005 ANNUAL REPORT Highlights include formation of Green Team, no-idling executive order, recycling, and Big Darby protections. View report.