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CoC EV Car Charging

Equitable Electric Vehicle Ready Parking

What We're Doing The City of Columbus is exploring the adoption of a standardized, equitable electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure strategy that would significantly increase the number of, and access to, EV charging stations community-wide.

Sustainable Columbus, in partnership with Smart Columbus and local partners CommEN Strategies and IMPACT Community Action, is leading an equitable community and stakeholder engagement process to discuss opportunities and challenges associated with the installation of EV charging infrastructure. Stakeholders, residents, and community groups will have opportunities to provide direct input on co-creation of an Equitable EV Readiness Ordinance for Columbus City Council consideration. Additional details are outlined in the Equitable Community and Stakeholder Engagement section below.

Q: What is EV Ready Parking?
A: EV Ready Parking is a best practice that ensures newly constructed parking spaces can easily and affordably be converted to EV charging stations in the future. It requires that a certain percentage of newly constructed parking spaces include electrical infrastructure at the time of construction that enables future EV charging. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Resource Download: Equitable EV Ready Parking Columbus One-Pager 

Why It's Important Adoption of an Equitable EV Readiness Ordinance is one of the most impactful actions a municipality can take, and the most cost-effective for developers, to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles and to enable increase access to lower-cost and lower-carbon transportation options. 

Climate Justice: Standardized community-wide EV charging infrastructure will ensure equitable access to EV charging for all of our residents, especially and including those in multifamily housing and low-income communities who have the highest barrier to access EV charging and lower-cost and lower-carbon transportation options like electric vehicles.

Economic Incentive: Installation of EV charging infrastructure during construction or major renovation of a parking area saves 75% in costs compared to installing charging infrastructure as a retrofit (source). Standardized charging requirements will also provide certainty and consistency for developers.

Human and Environmental Health: EVs don't emit harmful tailpipe emissions and emit nearly half of the lifecycle emissions compared to gas-powered vehicles (source). Reducing vehicle emissions in our neighborhoods leads to fewer negative health impacts caused by air pollution. 

Regional Competitiveness: Columbus is the fastest growing EV market in the Midwest and may be the first city in Ohio and any bordering state to pass an Equitable EV Readiness Ordinance. Businesses considering expanding operations into Columbus are looking for buildings that are efficient and parking that is future-ready for EVs at their office spaces and residences for their employees.

Equitable Engagement We are committed to an equitable community, resident, and stakeholder engagement process to develop an Equitable EV Readiness Ordinance. With support from trusted local partners including CommEN Strategies and IMPACT Community Action, we’ll ensure that needs and priorities of diverse voices, underrepresented and non-traditional organizations, and members of our BIPOC neighborhoods are represented in the Equitable EV Readiness Ordinance and supportive programs. 

Resident Engagement: To advance and center community priorities, we conducted resident engagement led by CommEN Strategies in the fall of 2021. Details on the findings from this resident engagement can be found in the Columbus EV Ready Resident Engagement Report. As a precursor to this engagement, Columbus partnered with Illuminology in fall of 2020 to engage with low-to-moderate income residents in Columbus and understand their transportation patterns and interest in electric vehicles. Details on that resident engagement can be found in the Illuminology Resident Engagement Research Report.

Building on the resident engagement, we encourage you and/or your organization to become involved:

For organizations: including but not limited to: traditional developers, affordable housing developers, community-based organizations, social services organizations, utility companies, environmental advocates, neighborhood commissions, faith-based coalitions, and civic engagement groups. Representatives from these organizations are encouraged to join our Equitable EV Ready Parking Roundtable series in January and February 2022. This will be a virtual meeting series, open to any interested organization, intended to co-create an Equitable EV Ready Parking Ordinance. Contact Jenna Tipaldi ([email protected]) to join the Roundtable series.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Have questions or want to learn more? Contact our Climate Advisor, Jenna Tipaldi ([email protected]). Please note that this website will be continually updated with resources and additional avenues for involvement.