Opening Your Barber Shop Step One: Zoning and Building Permits and Inspections

As previously stated, we developed this website under the assumption that you are 1) properly licensed by the Ohio Barber Board, and 2) are opening your business in a location that was not previously a Barber Shop. You can confirm the status of your license and update your contact information at the Ohio eLicense Center.

Now let’s begin!
Your first step in opening your doors for business is check with the Department of Building and Zoning Service’s One Stop Shop Zoning Map to confirm that you can open your Barber Shop at the address you have identified as your place of business. In Columbus, you can operate your establishment in any property zoned Commercial 1, 3, or 4, Manufacturing, but not Commercial 2 or Industrial. For your convenience, if the address you entered on the map is Red, that is Commercial, if Blue then that property is zoned Manufacturing. For easy reference select "Legend" at the top right of the One Stop Shop Zoning Map for more information.

     Please note: to operate a Barber Shop out of your private residence requires a variance and additional approvals from the Department of Building and Zoning Services. Please contact the Zoning Office at (614) 645-4522 for information if this pertains to you.

Once you have determined that the address you have is properly zoned commercial, you should then seek a Building Permit along with a Plumbing Permit, as required by the State of Ohio. 

A Columbus Advantage – If you are planning to conduct significant alterations to the property, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of Columbus’s nationally recognized One Stop Shop service for opportunity to have a direct (and free) consultation with officials from multiple city agencies–officials who will ultimately be the ones to review your plan! During this review session you will be given in-depth guidance on your site plan and any recommendations, if necessary, to bring your property into compliance for your Barber Shop. Please go to the Engineering Site Plan Review page, select “learn more”, and complete the instructions listed on that page. This process will assist you in receiving your Certificate of Occupancy faster, and in most cases, help you avoid unwanted expenses through the knowledge obtained from your Preliminary Review!

Columbus is nationally recognized for the speed and ease of obtaining building permits. In many cases your request for inspection, if received before 4 p.m., may very well occur the next business day! 

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