Opening Your Barber Shop Step Two: Acquiring Your Graphic and Electrical Permits

In addition to Zoning and Building, you may be required to acquire Graphic and/or Electrical permits.

In Ohio, barber shops are required to display at its main entrance a sign clearly visible from the street. This can take one of two forms: a sign whose lettering is no smaller than three inches stating “barber shop” or a “barber pole.” You are NOT required to obtain a graphics permit if either the sign and/or barber pole are not illuminated and is ten square feet or less.

However, if your sign or barber pole are illuminated and/or are greater than ten square feet, you will need to obtain a Graphics Permit

Additionally, if you will be installing one or more appliances that require 120 voltage or higher, you will need to obtain an Electrical Permit from Building and Zoning Services.

You can request either of these permit inspections online.

At all times, if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Small Business Concierge or the Department of Building and Zoning Services at (614) 645-7433.

In the next step we will discuss the licensing requirements as provided by the Ohio State Barber Board.

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