Office of Sustainability 
910 Dublin Road
Columbus, OH 43215 

Bryan M. Clark
Deputy Director
Phone: (614) 645-6992

Erin Beck
Assistant Director, Sustainable Columbus 
Phone: (614) 645-3522

Alana Shockey
Assistant Director, Sustainability 
Phone: (614) 645-7157

Jeff Ortega
Sustainable Columbus Coordinator
Phone: (614) 645-8995

David R. Celebrezze  
GreenSpot Coordinator 
Phone: (614) 645-6703

Jenna Tipaldi  
Climate Advisor 
Phone: (614) 645-8116

Goal of this project

Overall goal for the tree campaign is to encourage homeowners to plant trees on their property. Specifically, to reach 30,000 households and encourage the planting of at least 3,000 trees. 

Trees provide many benefits to the community for free. Here is a partial list of why trees rock!

  • Lower energy costs. Trees provide shade in the summer time and this can keep your house cool. Coniferous trees (think pine needs) can help break the cold winter wind.
  • Habitat. Trees are a city unto themselves. Hundreds of species use trees for shelter, resting, food, shade, and protection.
  • Improve water quality. Trees along a waterway (wetland, river, stream, etc.) stabilize the bank and help prevent erosion. They also act as giant straws and soak up rain/storm water.
  • Trees talk to one another, so don’t simply plant one tree, plant at least two
  • Lowers the city heat island effect. Trees can keep a city cool if there is sufficient tree canopy. 
  • Reduce crime. The Baltimore study revealed there is a strong association with more trees and reduced crime.
  • Increase property values. Mature trees can increase the value of property by as much as 10%.
  • Improve quality of life. Trees can provide a relaxing view and beautify an otherwise concrete jungle in the city. 
  • Combat climate change. Trees soak up CO2, the leading contributor to human-caused climate change.