Jeff Hogan


News Anchor & Commit To Be Fit Spokesman


In my house, fitness is a family affair.

While we all have different things we enjoy, my wife, Jeanne, daughters Skyler and Kate and I all share the same commitment to staying healthy and fit.

I have competed in more than 25 triathlons and over a dozen marathons, including the Boston Marathon, Disney Marathon and several Columbus marathons.  I also love to ski, snowboard and golf.

Jeanne stays active by running and taking classes at the gym. She also makes good nutritional decisions for the entire family, which helps us all maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our girls are physically active, too. They are involved in gymnastics, snow skiing, basketball and playing with their friends. We make sure that they have at least an hour of physical activity every day.

Our shared commitment to fitness keeps all of us motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s easier to stay active and eat healthy foods when you share a common goal with those you love.

So make fitness your own family affair by finding activities that each member of your family enjoys – and then make them part of your daily routine. Together with 10TV’s Commit To Be Fit program, you too can exercise healthy, eat healthy, and encourage healthy!