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2022 Charter Review Commission to Hold Public Meeting

Members of the Charter Review Commission

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Council Chambers
City Hall


Last convened as a Commission in 2014, the Charter Review Commission reviews the Columbus City Charter and may recommend changes.  The Charter, originally adopted by voters in 1914, outlines the fundamental rights, powers and responsibilities of the citizens and their elected municipal officials. Any amendments to the Charter would require a vote of Council and the approval of Columbus voters during a future election.

The Commissioners met previously on April 6 to further discuss possible amendments that would strengthen transparency in the initiative petition process. They also examined possible changes to the Acting Mayor provisions of the Charter. On April 20, Commissioners will discuss open meetings and additional flexibility in the Charter for public bodies to conduct virtual meetings. 

Residents wishing to attend this hearing in person may do so in Council Chambers within City Hall, and may wear a mask if they so choose. They may also participate virtually either through Facebook or YouTube

For more information about the 2022 Charter Review Commission, please visit If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback on the commission’s work, email [email protected].