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Police Diversity and Inclusion Liaison Officers Making Positive Impact

Columbus Division of Police officers assigned to work with three minority communities are making a positive impact on the residents they have been assigned to serve.  In February 2015, City Council President Andrew J. Ginther announced the creation of Diversity and Inclusion Liaison Officers who, in addition to their regularly assigned duties, proactively establish and maintain relationships in the African-American, New American and LGBTQ communities by utilizing existing police and community resources to foster a greater sense of trust and communication between the division and residents.

“The initial feedback from the Division and the community is extremely positive,” said Council President Ginther.   “Our officers are engaging in community conversations on new levels and are addressing concerns of our residents.  Dialogue will lead to trust and trust will lead to a safer Columbus. ”

Council President Ginther joined Sergeants Nick Konves and James Fuqua as they visited Kaleidoscope Youth Center, an Ohio State University area facility that creates a safe and empowering environment for LGBTQ youth through advocacy, education, and support services.  While at the center meeting with staff, the officers learned about the challenges Kaleidoscope youth face and how police can better protect teens and young adults in Columbus neighborhoods.

“It is wonderful to have police officers who are dedicated to building stronger relationships with the LGBTQ community in Columbus,” said Amy Eldridge, Executive Director of Kaleidoscope. “This type of one-on-one engagement leads to a greater sense of trust and understanding between our organization, our clients, and the police.”

“This is very much a two way street,” said Sgt. Nick Konves.   “We are here to listen to the specific concerns of the community and we are also here to educate residents about police policies and procedures that officers follow when interacting with the public.”

For more information on Diversity and Inclusion Officers contact 645-4446.

 Please click here for more information on Kaleidoscope Youth Center.



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Council President Andrew J. Ginther (center) sits between Columbus police Sgts. James Fuqua (left) and Nick Konves (right) as they listen to a Kaleidoscope Youth Center staff member.

Columbus Urban League President Stephanie Hightower’s Response to Council President Ginther’s news announcement at Kaleidoscope Youth Center

“The Columbus Urban League applauds Council President Ginther and Columbus police for the creation of the diversity and inclusion liaison officer initiative.

And while we also believe there is a need to foster a greater sense of trust and communication between police and Columbus residents, we must also remember that much of the frustration we’ve seen nationally and some of our residents’ experience locally, is the direct result of massive unemployment and a lack of opportunity for African Americans and residents of the urban core.  We cannot continue to ignore what is fast becoming a permanent underclass of citizens who have no hope, and no way out.

I look forward to working with Council President Ginther and the Division on this and other innovative steps to not only improve community relations, but provide greater opportunities for all our citizens.”

Stephanie Hightower

President & CEO

The Columbus Urban League