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Issue Summaries

ISSUE 6 – City Administration

Issue 6 proposes charter updates regarding city administration, including the following highlights:

  • Protecting the rights of all Columbus residents to access city services and employment without discrimination
  • Requiring Recreation and Parks Commission members to be residents of Columbus
  • Establishing a citizens’ commission to review the city charter every 10 years.
  • Making city budget and annual reports permanent electronic records. 

Click here for a full list of proposed changes in Issue 6.

ISSUE 7 – City Elections
Issue 7 proposes the first real updates to city elections in over 80 years, including the following highlights:

  • Following best practices in state election law, while protecting our nonpartisan city elections.
  • Allowing the city to regulate campaign finance and disclosure for political candidates and local ballot issues.
  • Making it easier to recall elected officials and hold government accountable with petition processes that are more transparent and fair for Columbus voters.

Click here for a full list of proposed changes in Issue 7. 

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ISSUE 8 – City Officeholders
Issue 8 proposes charter amendments for city officeholders, including the following highlights:

  • Holding city officers and employees accountable to state laws about unlawful interest in public contracts and other illegal activity, while requiring a stiffer city penalty – loss of office or employment – for violations.
  • Putting the salary of elected officials in the hands of a citizens’ commission – limiting salary changes to their recommendations. 
  • Assuring citizens have open access to the city’s records and meetings of public bodies and advisory bodies.

Click here for a full list of proposed changes in Issue 8.