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Council to Vote on $37.4M for Projects to Improve Water Service and Create a Greener City

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COLUMBUS, OH --  Much of the framework that helps deliver utility services to our residents never sees the light of day. During the September 20, 2021 meeting, Columbus City Council will vote on a series of ordinances totaling more than $37.4 million to improve water and sewer infrastructure in the City.

“It’s not often utility upgrades make headlines, but the work done by the City to upgrade infrastructure provides benefits for residents each day, even if folks don’t realize it,” said Councilmember Rob Dorans. “Council’s efforts to create a more environmentally friendly City will result in positive benefits for Columbus residents for generations to come.” 

Ordinance 2238-2021 will result in significant upgrades at the City’s first wastewater treatment plant.

This $30,134,734 project will install a cogeneration system at Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant, which will use methane-rich biogas from the wastewater treatment process to create about half the electricity the plant uses, and will also create steam and hot water for use elsewhere in the plant. By creating about half of the electricity needed to function in-house using biogas, the system will pay for itself over time.   

Furthermore, carbon dioxide emissions produced at the plant will be reduced by more than 4,000 tons a year with the upgrade.

With the passage of ordinance 2220-2021, Council will authorize a $3,447,022.63 upgrade of water lines along Mock Road, which will rehabilitate almost two miles of 2-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch water mains. These specific mains are water lines that leak or break more often than usual; replacing them will improve water service to the residents in this area, decrease the burden on water maintenance operations, and reduce water loss.

“One of the core responsibilities of the City is to make sure that when someone turns on their faucet they are receiving clean and dependable water for their family," said Dorans

Council will vote to authorize similar work in ordinance 2125-2021 to complete water main rehabilitation in the area of Woodland Avenue. This $3,818,357.88 project will upgrade just over 2.3 miles of 6-inch and 8-inch water mains to provide more dependable, higher quality water service to the surrounding area.