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The 2019 Voted Bond Package makes investments in our neighborhoods! The 2019 proposal consists of five bond issues: Health, Safety and Infrastructure, Recreation & Parks, Public Service, Public Utilities, and Neighborhood Development. The City of Columbus is proposing a $1.03 billion voted bond package to finance capital improvements. Detailed information on the proposed funding allocation, as well as FAQs on how voted bonds work in Columbus, is available below:

New Fire Truck

Health, Safety and Infrastructure: Safe and healthy neighborhoods are the foundation of our great city. Making investments in new police & fire stations, improving existing facilities, and replacing fire and safety equipment helps our neighborhoods be safe and healthy. 

 2019-2023 Proposed Capital Improvement Program Total: $205,000,000

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Child in Pool

Recreation & Parks: Recreation and Parks are essential to the overall well-being of our residents. Making investments in our existing and new community centers, our parks, pools, bike paths, equipment, and so much more gives us an opportunity to improve our physical and mental health, to develop our youth, to focus on our environment, and to make a positive economic impact on our neighborhoods.

2019-2023 Proposed Capital Improvement Program Total: $100,000,000

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recycle bin

Public Service: Providing basic city services and maintaining our infrastructure builds stronger neighborhoods. Investing in road resurfacing, road & sidewalk improvements, neighborhood revitalization, refuse equipment & facilities, and more helps maintain and improve our travel safety, quality of life and economic development of our neighborhoods.

2019-2023 Proposed Capital Improvement Program Total: $425,000,000

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Water work on Long Street

Public Utilities: Just as important as what happens above ground, are those things that go one underground and behind the scenes. Continued investment in our stormwater, water, sanitary, and power & lighting systems enhances the quality of life and safeguards environmental safety for all our neighborhoods. 

2019-2023 Proposed Capital Improvement Program Total: $250,000,000

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housing developer

Neighborhood Development: As our city continues to grow, it is important that every resident and family has an opportunity to thrive and share in the Columbus success story . Investment in affordable housing will promote mixed income neighborhoods and inclusive growth.

2019-2023 Proposed Capital Improvement Program Total: $50,000,000

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