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About Us
Columbus Public Health is a nationally accredited health department dedicated to serving nearly 1 million residents of Columbus and Worthington. We are a leader in identifying public health priorities such as infant mortality, access to care and health equity, and mobilizing resources and community partnerships to address them. We protect health and improve lives through nearly 50 diverse clinical, environmental, health promotion, and population-based programs that serve and empower all residents.

CelebrateOne Initiatives We’re Involved In
Babies born too small or too soon
Exposure to tobacco smoke
Health inequities
Sleep-related deaths

CelebrateOne Recommendations We Address
Improving social and economic conditions that drive disparities across our community and in highest risk neighborhoods
Improve women’s health before pregnancy
Improve reproductive health planning
Improve prenatal care systems and supports for high risk families
Ensure highest standards of quality for perinatal care
Reduce maternal and household smoking
Promote infant safe sleep
Create accountability structure to support strategy implementation and goal attainment

Our CelebrateOne Accomplishments to Date
Through collaboration with the Ohio Equity Institute, CPH has promoted equity and improved the health of urban women, families, and communities. It used data-informed and community-driven decision making processes to create the South Side Network for Healthy Families and Babies; and, it is implementing a new South Side Community Connectors program that will empower South Side residents as community health workers working to reduce infant mortality within their neighborhoods.

CPH epidemiologists have improved infant mortality data analysis. They began regular reporting of key indicators to support and track joint community action and provided deeper analyses of data to look at characteristics of babies, moms, households, neighborhoods, and care systems.

CPH collaborated with the Ohio Department of Health to implement a multi-faceted public awareness campaign to reduce sleep-related infant deaths by educating the community about the ABC’s of infant safe sleep (Alone, Back, Crib). The campaign included TV and Radio PSAs, online advertising via YouTube, Pandora radio and Google Adwords, as well as social media organic and paid marketing to interact with community members. The campaign also included educational outreach and the distribution of 457 Pack ‘N Play portable cribs.