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Columbus Pace Car

The "Columbus Pace Car Program” is  a resident-based program designed to fight speeding on residential streets through education and awareness.

City of Columbus residents can contact the city or download the forms below to take the pledge to drive the speed limit in their neighborhoods and to obey all stop signs and red lights.

Those taking the pledge will receive a decal that identifies them as a motorist who has taken the pledge to become a Columbus Pace Car. Motorists can proudly display this decal in their car’s rear window.

If 60 percent of a neighborhood’s residents take the pledge, that neighborhood can receive a sign to be displayed on the street in the neighborhood that identifies the neighborhood as a Pace Car Neighborhood.

“This is about empowering people to take charge of their neighborhoods and to impress on our neighbors and friends the importance of observing the speed limits on our streets,” said Mayor Ginther.

Residents can email [email protected] or call (614) 645-3111 to request the forms to make the Columbus Pace Car Pledge. The forms can also be downloaded here or filled out online here.  Please note that you must be a resident within the City of Columbus to participate.

For more information see the Columbus Pace Car Program Frequently Asked Questions.