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Shared Mobility Devices

It is a priority of the City to increase mobility options for its residents, businesses, and visitors. A robust shared mobility device program provides the opportunity to reduce parking demand and vehicle miles traveled, while enhancing mobility options for subscribers. The success of alternative forms of transportation will have environmental, economic, and quality of life benefits for residents, employees, and visitors while also balancing the needs of other uses in the public right-of-way.

Shared Mobility Devices (SMD’s) are bicycles, scooters, or other similar mobility devices including electronic versions that are offered for short term rental to subscribers on a minute, hourly, or daily basis for a fee for short distance travel. Since the inception of the program, multiple vendors have come into the Columbus market. The privately owned SMD’s are operated with an annual permit with the City to operate in the public right-of-way. SMD’s allow residents the ability to move through the City in a unique way that complements other forms of transportation and mobility. The City closely monitors the operations of SMD vendors and strives to improve the experience for residents through virtual and physical improvements.

Currently the City has approved the following SMD vendors to operate: Bird, Lime, Spin and Trip

For more information, please review the Shared Mobility Devices Rules and Regulations.

Here are a few key rules that riders should know:

You must be 18 or older to ride a scooter in the City of Columbus.

Scooters should be ridden in the street and not on the sidewalk. Scooters are permitted on most shared use paths in the City of Columbus.

Group rides are limited to one user and one guest per reservation.

Be mindful of how scooters are parked. If parking on a sidewalk, ensure the scooter allows access with regards to ADA regulations. Repeated offenders can be fined by operators.

Always check the in-app map before you ride to ensure your travel path won’t be interrupted by a No-Ride zone.