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Board of Review of General and Limited Sign Erectors

Duties and Powers of the Board of Review.

  • To review the qualifications as established in C.C. 3381.12, of all applicants who have filed a complete application with the department. For all such applicants who have met the qualification requirements of this chapter, the board shall then certify the names of the qualified applicants to the department for the issuance of the appropriate license.
  • To suspend or revoke the license of sign erectors who have violated the terms of this graphics code or who have failed to take out proper permits as required by law, or who have been shown, after proper hearing, to be persistent and habitual violators of the laws of the state, the provisions of this graphics code, or other ordinances of the city relating to the construction, installation, or maintenance of graphics, or relating to the inspection and approval of such work.
  • To make, adopt, and, from time to time, alter its own rules of procedure for the conduct of its meetings and proceedings, and to select its own chairperson.